Diabetic Food Pyramid

Learn about diabetic food pyramid and what is it different with USDA Food Pyramid

Diabetic Food Pyramid

Diabetic food pyramid is base on USDA Food Guide Pyramid.  There are only few difference between the two pyramid. Each has six food groups, but the names are are little different in diabetic food pyramid as compare to USDA food pyramid.


In the USDA food pyramid, cheese is in the milk, yogurt, and cheese group, but in diabetes food pyramid cheese is in Meat and Others group.  The reason being cheese mainly contain protein and fat, like food found in meat group.


In USDA pyramid, bean are in the meat group, but in diabetic food pyramid beans are in Grain, Bean and Starchy Vegetables groups.  This is because beans are good source of carbohydrate ad fiber.  The food in the top of pyramid includes alcohol, fats and sweets. This suggest limiting to all three.


Both food pyramid were design to encourage you to include ore foods in your diet form the largest groups - grains, bean, and starchy vegetables, vegetables and fruits - and fewer foods from the small group at the top.

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