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Learn about list of foods diabetics can eat to help control diabetes

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Diabetic Food List  - It is important for diabetics to keep to their diabetic diet regime in order to control their blood sugar level.  At first, it may be hard to follow but by keeping a food diary and monitoring the blood sugar level after eating, very soon diabetics can come out with a diabetic food list of what to eat and what to avoid.

Free Foods and Good Foods For Diabetics

These are food that can be eaten whenever and in whatever quantity.diabetic food list

  • All green and leafy vegetables

  • Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, turnip, cabbage, etc.

  • Salad vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc)

  • All members of the onion family

  • Mushrooms

  • Fruits such as redcurrants, cranberries, loganberries

  • Tea, coffee, water, tomato juice (in moderation), clear soup.

Diabetics should select good carbohydrates and protein to eat, but carbohydrates and protein must be counted as part of and overall carbohydrate and protein allocations.   Provided here is a list of good carbohydrates and protein food list suitable for the diabetics.

  • All pulses, beans, and peas

  • Brown rice and whole meal pasta

  • Oats, whole meal flours, breads, unsweetened biscuit, etc

  • All root vegetables

  • Unsweetened breakfast cereals that are high in fiber

  • Lean meats or meat products

  • Fresh and frozen fish

  • Low fat cheese, skimmed milk and low fat yogurt

  • All soya product.

Food List of Foods To Be Avoided by Diabetics

list of food diabetic should avoidDiabetics should avoid food that is high in sugar content which will elevate blood sugar level.  Given here is a food list of foods diabetics should avoid whenever possible and if eaten, only to be consumed in very small amount.

  • Sugar castor, granulated,  honey and golden syrup

  • Sweets, such as candies and chocolate

  • Full-sugar chewing gum

  • Jam, marmalades and similar spreads that are full with sugar

  • Sweet biscuits, cakes, and buns made with white flour and sugar

  • Fruit canned in sugar syrup

  • Ice creams and ice lollies

  • Sweetened breakfast cereal


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