Diabetic Breakfast

diabetic breakfastFor diabetic, breakfast is an important meal.  After a night without food,  your blood sugar will be very low, thus having breakfast will help to keep your blood glucose level within the normal range. Other benefit of breakfast include:

  • supply energy to the brain and help you to be more creative.

  • have more energy and be more focus

  • prevent overeating later in the day.


One good way to manage blood glucose with breakfast is to include some protein, some fat and some carbohydrate in your breakfast.  This mix help to ensure steady supply of energy. 

Carbohydrate breakdown very fast and can increase blood glucose within an hour after consume, protein breakdowns more slowly and begins to affect blood sugar after about an hour and a half.  Fat generally doesn't contribute to blood glucose level after a meal.  For example having a bagel (carbohydrate), topped with a slice of smoked salmon (protein) and a smear of cream cheese (fat), keep you from having good blood glucose level after eating.

The diabetic breakfast recipe provided here will ensure balance mixture of the above nutrient to help regulate your blood glucose.


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