Sugar Diabetes

Information about sugar diabetes, how sugar affect diabetic condition and what are the types of sweetener you can use to replace sugar

sugar diabetes

    Diabetes has been called sugar diabetes for many years.  However eating sugar does not caused diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes happen when body immune system destroyed insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas.  Factors that may cause your system to do this are auto-antibodies, cow's milk, gene and oxygen-free radical.  In type 2 diabetes, patient make insulin but cannot use it well.  Age, obesity, lifestyle and genetic plays strong role in type 2 diabetes. 


    Sugar diabetes is usually used to refer to type 2 diabetes.  The reason being most patient with type 2 diabetes are obese individual who eat a high calorie diet which usually consist of excess sugar and fat.  The excess sugar provide excess calorie and resulted in weight gain which interfere with action of insulin and subsequently lead to type 2 diabetes.


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