Salt Substitute - How To Make Your Own Salt Substitute

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Salt Substitute

Many who switch to low sodium diet find that their food tastes a little bland, and even though many will adapt to within few weeks, some may need a little help to make the change.  A number of salt substitutes are on the market, but these contain part sodium and part potassium and in certain circunstances it is possible overload your body with potassium, so consult you doctor before using commercial salt substitute. 

You can make your own salt substitute on the principle that a sour flavor is a good substitute for salty one.    Use grapefruit peel (or lemon or orange peel for a weaker taste) and citric acid crystal.  Also know as "sour salt" and "lemon salt" and can be found in the baking section of supermarkets or in delicatessens.

Ingredient For Salt Substitute (Makes 3 tablespoons)





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