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frozen diabetic dessert

    What better ways to turn off summer's sizzle other then scrumptious frozen dessert. Diabetic can still enjoy frozen dessert by choosing or preparing one without lot of calories and fat.  While enjoying frozen dessert, diabetic should always remember to substitute the carbohydrate in your frozen dessert for other carbohydrates in your meal plan. 

The following diabetic frozen dessert tips can help you in choosing and preparing your favorite healthy frozen dessert.

  • Watch your serving size (1/2 cup). If you eat more double or triple the nutrient information to keep your carb count accurate.

  • Watch the fat content in your frozen dessert, particularly the saturated fat. Light ice cream or yogurt contains about half the fat of regular ice cream.

  • Beware that fat free ice cream still have sugar, carbohydrate and calories.  You need to take this into account before enjoying such dessert.

  • A no-sugar-added frozen dessert may still contains carbohydrate, fat and calories.  Sweetener commonly used in such frozen dessert.

  • Check your blood glucose after eating a frozen dessert to see how it affect you.

  • Use healthful ingredients such as fruits, non fat yogurt that not only provide bounty of nutrient and sweetness but also creamy richness that satisfy your crave.

  • Artificial sweetener can be used as substitute for sugar. Add them to mixture at room temperature and mix until dissolved thoroughly. 1 packet of artificial sweetener is equivalent to 2 tablespoons of sugar. 6 packets equal to 1/4 cup.


Nutritional Information of Common Frozen Dessert

Frozen Dessert (1/2 cup) Calories Carbohydrate (g) Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g)
Regular ice cream 133 16 7 7
Light ice cream 100 14 4 3
Fat Free Ice Cream 90 20 0 0
No-sugar-added ice cream 100 13 4 3
Sherbet 132 29 2 1
Sorbet 92 23 0 0


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