Are there sweetener that are free food?



    Non-nutritive sweeteners are free food because thy have no calories or carbohydrate.  They also do not raise blood glucose levels.  However none of them are perfect for all use.  Some are great in cold beverages but will not work in baked goods.  When using such sweetener do not forgets to count the calorie, fat, and carbohydrate in the foods they are sweetening.

    Here is a list of non-nutritive sweeteners and they use description.



Sweetener Calorie (per gram) Other Name Description
Saccharin 0 Sweet 'n Low 200 - 700 times sweeter than sucrose, suitable for cooking and baking
Aspartame 0 Nutrasweet, Equal 160-220 times sweeter than sucrose; may change flavor when heated
Acesulfame-K 0 Sunette, Sweet One 200 times sweeter than sucrose; suitable for cooking and baking
Sucralose 0 Splenda 600 times sweeter than sucrose; suitable for cooking and baking.


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