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diabetic foodDiabetic food -  Diabetic are often gravitate to grocery store area containing foods reduced in calorie, sugar and/or sodium, thinking this are the diabetic food they must eat.  Some of these more expensive foods may be helpful in your diabetic food plan but they are often not necessary.  Other less expensive item can  also be suitable diabetic food.  These food are usually found throughout the store and may be less expensive.  For example brands of reduced-sugar canned food are usually stock with other canned fruits, low calorie sweeteners are usually located near white and brown sugars, and low sodium foods are often displayed with other similar foods containing more sodium.

Reading nutritional label will help guide you in making the decision whether particular food is appropriate for you and how it fit into your diabetic food plan.  Take note that reduce-calorie or sugar free are not necessary good diabetic food, be sure to check their carbohydrate content, as they may be suitable for diabetic but are often no "free" food.  Usually most food can be part of a diabetic diet food plan but must be counted and balanced with other food choices.




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