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diabetic cooking tips to help control blood sugar level.


First step of diabetic cooking is to choose healthy fresh ingredients for your recipes.  Subsequently diabetic should be particular is choosing the cooking methods that not only reduce cholesterol and saturated fats to reduce the risk of heart disease and keeping calorie count low.  A good diabetic cooking method should also maximize nutritional value of each dish.  The following cooking technique is suitable for diabetics:

  • Baking - good for vegetables, fruit, poultry and lean meat, as well as puddings; you may need a little extra liquid.

  • Braising or stewing - brown fish or meat on top of the stove, then cook in a small quantity of liquid.

  • Grilling - on a rack to drain the fat away

  • Microwaving - to reduce the fat place the food between two paper tower to drain away fat while cooking

  • Poaching - poach you favorite diabetic recipe in a covered pan to minimized the liquid

  • Steaming - in a perforated basket over simmering water is a suitable cooking method for diabetic.  You can add seasoning to the water for extra flavor.

  • Stir frying - is a wok, using tiny amount of olive oil or non-stick cooking pan.

To reduce fat and salt content and add flavor to you diabetic cooking consider:

  • Making your own stock rather that used prepare cubes which can be high in salt. Click here for chicken stock recipe.

  • Choose extra virgin olive oil and vinegar rather than slated, pre-prepared salad dressing

  • Wash canned vegetables before use - by doing so you can substantially reduce their salt content.

  • Trim fat you can from meat before cooking it, and remove the skin from poultry.

  • Drain oil from canned fish and rinse the fish in water before use it

  • Use herbs, lemon juice, whine and freshly ground pepper in your diabetic cooking to enhances  flavors




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