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Diabetes Care - What is Diabetes Care?

    Diabetes care focuses on controlling a diabetic patient's blood glucose level to prevent serious long-term diabetes complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes.  As there is no cure for diabetes, it is essential that you must make an effort to change your lifestyle to help you live comfortably with diabetes, and most importantly to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes complications.  The objective of having diabetes care is to find the right balance of the food you eat, the physical activities you do, and the medications you take.  When your blood glucose level is well controlled, you have got the right balance of the three mentioned above.  And you know your diabetes care is working well for you.

    As diabetes is a long-term disease, a diabetic patient therefore needs a long-term diabetes care or diabetes management to help him control his blood glucose levels.  Some of the key aspects of diabetes care are listed below:

    As diabetes can cause a number of different diabetes complications, treating and managing your diabetes needs to involve a team of people from different disciplines.  It is recognized that your diabetes care should be managed by "team approach".  Although the routine management of blood glucose control is usually handle by your family doctor, physician or endocrinologist, your diabetes care team may include more people  to help you in your diabetes care.  Diabetic patients definitely benefit from the help of a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and other specialists for treating various diabetes complications.  Such specialists include the neurologists to deal with diabetic neuropathy; ophthalmologist in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy; nephrologists to deal with diabetic nephropathy; vascular surgeon in diabetic vascular diseases; and, podiatrist or chiropodist for good diabetic foot care.


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