Blood Glucose Meter

Enable fast accurate monitoring of blood glucose level

Nowadays blood glucose meter are easier faster, and more accurate than ever.  Many meters give test results in seconds and most will store results for later recalls.  Blood glucose meter may include include features designed specifically to make self-monitoring convenient.

Many of these blood glucose meter also operate on batteries and are small enough to fit in a purse or a shirt pocket, and can be used almost anywhere.  More advanced models even contain memory, built in modems for transmitting the test results to your physician. 

The meter currently available used one of the two methods for measuring blood glucose.

  • Reflectance photometers - measuring light reflected from a test strips after it has undergone a chemical reaction.  This type of blood glucose meter have been around the longest and have proven to be reliable and accurate.


  • Electrochemical meters - measures the electric current produced by the blood resting on the tip of the test strip.  Glucose in the blood causes a reaction on the test strip that produces a tiny electric current.  The blood glucose meter detect and reads the current generated to  to determined the blood glucose level

Regardless of their type,  all blood glucose meter in the U.S market are tested for accuracy and approved for home used by US Food and Drug Administration FDA.

When narrowing your choice of meters, and in order to get the most benefit from your monitoring, you should pick the blood glucose meter that you find easiest to use and maintain properly.  This is crucial.  You have to be able to perform the procedure properly to get reliable and accurate results.  And you have to find a blood glucose meter that is easy enough for you to maintain and used, or you will be tempted to skip the test.

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