Type 2 Diabetes Control With Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet has been proven to improve types 2 diabetes control. Mediterranean diet helps insulin sensitivity by increasing levels of adponectin, a hormone that acts as insulin sensitizer.  Analysis of data from a subgroup of 987 women with types 2 diabetes participating in the Harvard University based Nurses' Health Study showed that women who most closely followed a Mediterranean diet had on average 23 percent higher blood levels of adiponectin as compared to those who followed other diets.

    Aspect of Mediterranean diet that seems to have the strongest link with adiponectin level were whole grains, nuts and moderate alcohol intake.  A few other studies have connected olive oil with improved insulin sensitivity.  The Mediterranean diet eating plan is consistent with dietary recommendation from national health associations.


Mediterranean Diet Basics

Plant foods make up a large part of Mediterranean diet, while red meat is eaten only a few times a month.


Whole grains, starchy and non-starchy vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, olive oil, cheese and yogurt.  Wine in moderation. 


Fish, poultry, eggs (up to 4 x per week), and sweets (as permitted in your diabetic diet plan)


In Mediterranean Diet, red meat is eaten occasionally, 12-16 ounce each months of lean cut.


Mediterranean Diet Dessert Guide

    In Mediterranean diet, a meal usually ends with a piece of fresh fruits, nuts or cheese.  More-decadent sweets are usually reserved for special occasions, and these desserts usually center around fresh ingredients such as fruits and nuts, to make the Mediterranean diet rich in antioxidants, fiber and nutrients.  Traditional Mediterranean diet linked to lowering risk and effect of choronic disease including diabetes and heart disease.

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