Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Tip To Lose Weight Without DietingFor person who recently diagnose with diabetes losing weight can bring impressive improvement to your health.  Weight loss can be obtain without dieting.  Basically you do need some changes in you diet, including getting less than 30 percent of your calories need from fat.  Here are a few other tips to help you lose weight without dieting:



  • Fill up on fiber.  Food that are high in fiber can help you feel fuller for a longer time without increasing your blood sugar level and increase calories intake.

  • Think small.  Chose smaller, more reasonable portion of everything, serve on a smaller plates too.

  • Check your thirst.  Many people confuse feelings of thirst for hunger.  So enjoy a cup of water, hot tea, low sodium broth and other calorie free beverage before reaching for food.  Your may discover that your were really thirsty

  • Make trade.  When offer food or meal that is fat rich and or calorie choose other foods and meals that are low in fat and light in calorie.

  • Add more activities.  The more you move the more you lose weight.  Physical activities is an essential element in controlling weight.  Every extra bit of exercise such as running errands, taking stairs instead of elevator, parking far from stores help you to lose weight.

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