Carb Counting

Learn about carb counting and how to us it to control diabetes.


Carb Counting

Carb Counting is a precise method of meal planning for people with diabetes.  Food containing carbohydrate such as grain, vegetables, fruit, milk and sugar have the largest effect on blood glucose level.  A small amount of carbohydrate (1 apple) raises blood glucose some; a larger amount of carbohydrate (3 apples) raises blood glucose more.  You track how the carbohydrate affects you by monitoring your blood glucose level.


You have to invest some time in monitoring blood glucose, record keeping, measuring food servings, and learning about nutrients in food.   People with type 1 diabetes can determine the exact amount of insulin to take based on the amount of carbohydrate they eat.  People with type 2 diabetes can carry bout carbohydrate counting and benefit from eating consistent amounts of carbohydrate each day.


Carb counting has 3 level:

  • eating consistent amounts of carbohydrate

  • recognizing and managing pattern in blood glucose, food, medication, and exercise.

  • intensive management of blood glucose.


The amount of work may be overwhelming for diabetic at first, but most people will find carb counting improve blood glucose level and it is worth it.  An register dietitian can help you to learn more about carbohydrate counting.

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