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diabetic diet recipesDiabetic diet does need not be strict or rigid, rather you should be able to enjoy the food you like.  It is not true that diabetic diet only consists of diabetic foods .  These diabetic foods usually cost more than regular food and do not control diabetes any better.  Using regular food to control diabetes is more cost effective and allows people with diabetes to share the same meal with everyone else.   By learning some nutritional information, you will be able to adjust your diet to suit your particular condition. ( > More information about list of food a diabetic can eat)

    In here, you can find information on food nutrition and how common diet principles can be used to control diabetes condition.  A small collection of free delicious diabetic recipes is provided so that you can cook up a hearty and healthy meal that the whole family will enjoy. 

Diabetic Diet's Objectives and Nutritional Facts

Diabetic diet aims to help you improve your health by controlling blood glucose, body fats and blood pressure.  A well-designed diet will also help diabetic patients to prevent, delay or treat diabetes complications.

Learning about some nutritional facts is important for diabetics. 

Below are some of the nutrition terminologies. 

Diabetic Diet : Principles

Having known the basics of nutrition, here are some basic diet principles to guide you through a healthy lifestyle:

  • First principle of diabetic diet is it should be individualized.  Diet plan should be designed individually by a physician when diagnosis is made, and periodically thereafter.  Young diabetics will usually need more calories as they are in the growing stage.  Physically active people with diabetes will also need more calories.  Diabetics who are sedentary and overweight will require less calories.  A physician can help you to customize you diabetic diet according to your goal.

  • Second principle of diabetic diet is to eat regular meals with fairly similar caloric content especially for those who are on insulin therapy.  Binge eating or intake of occasionally large meals on the other hand may knock the system out of order.

  • 3rd principle is to have a balanced diet consists of all major groups of food in the food pyramid.


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